Dear Jang Rok Lee,

“The design genius of Charles + Ray Eames” is ready for you to translate in Korean. We ask that
you complete your translation within 30 days, if possible. When you’re
finished, another translator will review your work before it is
published on TED. Please make sure that you have the email option enabled on your TED profile so that your reviewer will be able to contact you when the time comes. We will continue to notify you as your translation makes its way though the process.

You’ll be translating the talk using a special subtitling interface on
the dotSUB website (dotSUB is our technology partner). You can find
information about using dotSUB at

If you have any questions about the video or its transcription, please
contact TED at

Thank you for participating in the TED Open Translation Project, and
helping us spread ideas.

The TED Translation Team

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